3 Rules You Can Apply to Your Article Writing

As writers, we struggle with improving our work. Use these 3 simples rules to improve your writing

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Writers Don’t Know How to Improve Their Abilities

As writers, we struggle with improving our work. Whether it’s a simple blog post our in-depth article, we think that writing more will strengthen our skills, but practice doesn’t make us better. We’re just consistent at producing at the same level.

Bring Your Writing to Life by Evoking the Senses

We were taught in English class to engage the senses, but how often do we connect our ideas to the senses?

Use a Quote and a Source to Build Credibility

We have great ideas. Why not back them up with a figure who supports our view? We can also include research that builds a bridge between top-level thinkers and our writing.

Paint a Picture with Descriptive Examples

Remember when you avoided editing an article for three months? Instead, you binge-watched Game of Thrones to distract you from the fact that you’re scared that nothing will happen when you hit publish.

Why You Should Write Systematically

If you want to improve your writing skills, then writing for writing’s sake will not cut it. If you’re going to improve like an Olympian, you need to train the same way.

  • What examples don’t land
  • What sources add or overpower your words
  • How often you humanize your work

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