As writers, we struggle with improving our work. Use these 3 simples rules to improve your writing

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As the pen scratches the page, or your fingers tap on the keyboard, are you approaching zen? It’s something that you often feel when you’re writing, but how often do you improve?

Writing a steady amount of articles is most likely your target.

What shuts it down like a floodgate…

These two secrets will help you stop procrastinating and win each day

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Do you struggle with motivating yourself?

Do you put things off, consistently procrastinating the critical stuff? Maybe it’s an application, a difficult meeting or phone call, or a trip — I’m sure something is nagging you.

If there is, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Procrastination — The Struggle of Many

I recently started answering questions on Quora. You probably already know —…

It took going through uncomfortable challenges like losing money and closing a business to gain clarity.

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I have never been this clear on what I want in my life and why I want it…

Even in this time of financial insecurity, my commitments align with who I am. They make me proud. If I died today, I’d die a happier man.

For years, I’ve dreamed of having my own business — I’ve experimented in many areas from music, marketing, consulting, and even making hot…

Letting go of an obsolete process made me confront my fear

When I write, part of my creative process has been tied to the physical act—my hand across the page, the texture of the paper, and fresh ink. I’m old school, what can I say?

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I “needed” my old perspective

Recently, my focus has shifted from results to process, which means I look for ways to…

Taking a scrum-driven approach to goals

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Monthly Sprint

Borrowing from Scrum, I’ve been treating my goals like a development Sprint. It makes my vision clear for the next 30 days, and I can evaluate what went well and what didn’t. Self-feedback is a fantastic tool.

Sprint goals should move me closer to my BIG goals, but shouldn’t be…

Jason Dzamba

My mission is to help you master time and take action towards your deepest goals | Get Anything Done Training.

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