Discovering your purpose will make everything easier, right?

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We read books to discover where to direct our life. We look for answers from our friends, family, co-workers, articles, news stories, and watch videos. In a relationship, we wonder whether our partner is the right one.

We want to discover the truth, so we wait for an answer, but it never comes. Yet, we’re constantly on the lookout for clues to decode our purpose. We wait for a promotion to move our career to the next level or hope for insight that makes everything click. We want an epiphany.

You could…

As writers, we struggle with improving our work. Use these 3 simples rules to improve your writing

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As the pen scratches the page, or your fingers tap on the keyboard, are you approaching zen? It’s something that you often feel when you’re writing, but how often do you improve?

Writing a steady amount of articles is most likely your target.

What shuts it down like a floodgate is when you’re about to publish your work. Instead of asking, is this the best article I’ve ever written, you wonder if it will be lost in a sea of forgotten content.

The ongoing conversation about quality versus quantity goes through your mind — you don’t want to build a…

These two secrets will help you stop procrastinating and win each day

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Do you struggle with motivating yourself?

Do you put things off, consistently procrastinating the critical stuff? Maybe it’s an application, a difficult meeting or phone call, or a trip — I’m sure something is nagging you.

If there is, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Procrastination — The Struggle of Many

I recently started answering questions on Quora. You probably already know — it’s a fantastic user-generated content playground where anyone can ask a question and get a response.

I was surprised by how many people ask the same question over and over again. How can I stop procrastinating and get things done?

It seems I could spend a lifetime answering questions that…

This secret from the longest-living people will help you understand what you need to do

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It’s so easy to stay positive when things are going well but how do you keep your spirits up when things aren’t going well?

Maybe you applied for 100 jobs and were rejected from each one. Reality keeps setting in the more you look at your bank account…

What is happening, you might ask yourself.

It’s hard to answer these questions when your mind is running out of control. Worries that keep you tossing and turning are reminders that you’re far away from where you want to be.

A hum-drum attitude would benefit from an early morning walk.

Start With an Early Morning Clean Up

What’s different…

It took going through uncomfortable challenges like losing money and closing a business to gain clarity.

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I have never been this clear on what I want in my life and why I want it…

Even in this time of financial insecurity, my commitments align with who I am. They make me proud. If I died today, I’d die a happier man.

For years, I’ve dreamed of having my own business — I’ve experimented in many areas from music, marketing, consulting, and even making hot sauce, to name a few, but none of the opportunities stuck.

In the beginning, I was excited thinking that each endeavor was the thing.

After a few months, I lost that initial buzz and stopped developing the idea. …

Letting go of an obsolete process made me confront my fear

When I write, part of my creative process has been tied to the physical act—my hand across the page, the texture of the paper, and fresh ink. I’m old school, what can I say?

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I “needed” my old perspective

Recently, my focus has shifted from results to process, which means I look for ways to improve the way I work. This uncovered habits that I’ve been holding on to, that I’ve used to identify me as a person.

If I say I’m a writer, to me, that meant that I physically write. Starting on the computer wasn’t an option because typing wasn't writing. Maybe it’s…

Interpreting unexpected events as “bad” is ruining my life

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The way I interpret events is a choice. My interpretation applies to all events. The small and big count equally. This seems obvious, but when I look closer, it’s one of those areas where I know the right way, but in practice, it’s a different story.

Typically, I evaluate events based on a “good” or “bad” scale, with “ok” not even making it to the board. Labeling events this way shows how much I rely on interpretation to explain what is happening in my life.

In the words of Don Miguel Ruiz in The Mastery of Love:

“In the Dream…

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Last month — in straight Marie Kondo fashion — I got rid of everything in my apartment.

I felt like I was losing my ability to make things happen and was just letting life happen.

Amy Cuddy describes it well in her book Presence:

“Personal power is all about having the confidence to act based on one’s own beliefs, attitudes, and values, and having the sense that one’s actions will be effective.”

She was right, I wasn’t acting this way. My personal power was practically non-existent.

Instead of trying to figure out a clever solution or spending hours researching online…

Taking a scrum-driven approach to goals

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Monthly Sprint

Borrowing from Scrum, I’ve been treating my goals like a development Sprint. It makes my vision clear for the next 30 days, and I can evaluate what went well and what didn’t. Self-feedback is a fantastic tool.

Sprint goals should move me closer to my BIG goals, but shouldn’t be massive. Not too big or small, but manageable. Three to five work well. I think hooray if I make it happen, but keep them realistic enough so that I can complete them in a month.

My July Sprint Goals were:

  • Write an 18,000-word story
  • Perform 7 times
  • Produce 2 music…

Can you define the ideal you? If not, let me show you how I go about building a better version of myself, one that sets my heart on fire.

“Who am I?” is something I ask myself all the time.

For a while, I wasn’t sure — doubting myself, navigating my dreams, goals, aspirations around my daily life, seeing the harsh disconnect from what I wanted and how I spent my time.

If I want to get clear on who I am right now, all I have to do is look at how I spend my time.

It’s repeated actions over time that defines who I am — actions, not the intent to act, reveals the truth of my nature.

This distinction hit hard last month, isolating who I thought I was with who I was being.

This awareness gave…

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