Income vs. Legacy: Setting Your Priorities

Have you ever been torn between making more money and the impact you want to make on the world? This topic is on my mind all the time. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights, tossing and turning, with thoughts shifting from greatness to despair. Can you relate?

  • How can I be happy
  • What is actually important
  • How should I live my life
  • How should I spend my time
  • Who should I spend my time with
  • What impact do I want to have on the world

Strategy for Setting Priorities

Legacy is the haunting question that follows you around, the small voice that pipes up every few months saying — will you matter when you’re gone and will anyone care?

  • Use Grant Cardone’s 10X Goals to build your legacy

Tackle Your Income Tasks with a Power List

If you’ve never heard of Andy Frisella, Google him right now. I heard him speak two years in a row at the 10X Growth Conference. His companies are making over 200 million so he’s doing something right.

Important Points About the Power List:

  1. Make the items on your Power List as specific as possible. It’s not send 50 emails, it’s send an email to John about X proposal and close Y deal.
  2. Take an item off the list after 21 days. If an item has become a habit then you don’t need to keep putting it on your Power List. If you’re a new diet, and you put eat fresh vegetables twice a day, and you’re able to do it for 21 days in a row, you’ve made it a habit. You need to replace it with something else. Andy says that the #1 mistake that people make with the Power List is not replacing something that you’ve turned into a habit with a new item. Just have awareness and replace as soon as you develop that action as a habit.
  3. Another mistake that people make is adding to your Power List after you completed the 5 items. Don’t do that. Why? You could knock out your list by 10 in the morning. Good. Then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want. When Andy completes his Power List, he goes and look at guns and motorcycles — that’s what he likes. The point of the Power List is to be productive and get things done consistently. It’s not to overwhelm yourself with the endless tasks that you need to complete. That’s how you burnout, take a day, drink too much wine, stuff your face with a fistful of gummy bears, and binge watch Game of Thrones (I can’t be the only one). Andy’s point is that you might be able to have 10 things on your Power List and complete them for a few days, but you won’t do it every day. With 5 items on the list, you can do it every day for the entire year. He’s consistent, focused, and productive. When you finish your list, then you’re free to enjoy your day.

Build Your Legacy With 10X Goals

Now how can you connect that with the impact that you want to have on the world? Use Grant Cardone’s 10X Goals. Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, author, and creator of the 10X Rule. Cardone recommends writing your goals every day — in the morning, at night, and when you have a disappointment or setback.

Using the Power List and 10X Goals Together

Use the Power List and 10X Goals together to keep your income and legacy priorities in order and in focus. Both income and legacy should work together as much as possible. The better that they connect, the more fulfilled and on track you’ll feel with what your doing.

Income and Legacy Projects

If you know what you are working towards, just because other people in your life don’t get it or accept what you’re up to, know that you’re being true to yourself. Being true is a much better place to operate from than trying to please someone else.

My mission is to help you master time and take action towards your deepest goals | Get Anything Done Training.

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